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Silver foam dressing


  • Absorbent foam, it controls exudate in the wound bed.
  • Wound treatment with moderate to high exudate.
  • Due to its silver ions, it is ideal for infected wounds, colonized or at risk of infection.
  • Due to its controlled release ionic silver content, it provides effective antibacterial wound control for 7 days.
  • It has shown a decrease of 4 to 7 days in vitro of bacteria such as S. aereus, s.pyogenes, p.aeruginosa and others.

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REF Size Thickness Packaging
25-W082 10cm x 10cm 0,5cm 1 unit/pack, 10 packs/ box
25-W083 15cm x 15cm 0,5cm 1 unit/pack, 10 packs/ box
25-W085 20cm x 20cm 0,5cm 1 unit/pack, 10 packs/ box

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