• CELOX is a high-performance hemostatic granule designed to rapidly stop serious bleeding.
  • It is easy to use, extremely effective and highly safe, acting on hypothermic blood.
  • Coagulates blood treated with anticoagulant medication (heparin, warfarin or Coumadin).
  • It does not produce heat.
  • Celox can be easily removed from the wound and the residual material is naturally absorbed by the body.
  • It works independently of the cascade process.

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REF Product Details Packaging
FG08832071 Celox -applicators 1u/pack
FG08830441 Celox granules 1u/pack
FG08834081 Celox vascular 1u/pack
FG08838011 Celox gauze 7,6cmx3mts 1u/pack
FG08838021 Celox gauze 7,6cmx1,5mts 1u/pack
FG08839011 Celox rapid gauze 1u/pack
FG08839041 Celox rapid ribbongauze 1u/pack

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