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Catheter Connection and Disconnection Kits

Kit designed for the connection and disconnection of catheter procedures in acute or chronic patients with advanced renal failure.

  1. The connection and disconnection kit includes three pairs of individual vinyl gloves S/M/L size used to: uncover the patient and reduce the risk of exposure to blood or any other biohazard respectively before the procedure, another one to be used during the connection procedure, and another one to be used during the disconnection procedure.
  2. The mask with elastic band is designed to be worn by the patient during the whole connection and disconnection procedure.
  3. The 2% chlorhexidine gluconate pads together with the 70% isopropyl alcohol pads are exclusively used for cleaning the arterial and venous lines before the intervention during the puncture procedure.
  4. The T-shaped cutting drape together with the insulating compress are used to protect, cover and prevent the arterial and venous lines from slipping during the hemodialysis procedure.
  5. The kit’s non-woven gauze provides non-adherence to human tissue (no linting). It is intended for use to isolate, protect and absorb up to 10 times the patient’s puncture secretions.
  6. The sterile luer lock protective caps were designed to identify the connection line placed in the patient and to protect the extremities of the medical devices against external infectious agents. Red indicates arterial line and blue venous line.
  7. The fixation tape with gauze included in the kit provides the necessary asepsis and occlusion guarantees for patient care once the catheter disconnection procedure has been completed.

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GL-CV01 Catheter Kit Size S Box of 100 Units
GL-CV03 Catheter Kit Size M Box of 100 Units
GL-CV02 Catheter Kit Size L Box of 100 Units


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