Amorphous Hydrogel

Advanced Care

25-W041 / 25-W042

For treatment of low exudate wounds with necrotic, fibrinoid and/or devitalized tissue, which include:

  • Leg Ulcers
  • Pressure injuries
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers.
  • Wounds with cavities.
  • Skin Donor Sites.
  • Minor Burns

Favors autolytic debridement, providing moisture to the wound bed and the transparent gel allows easy visualization for wound evaluation. It cools and minimizes pain in the wound and is easy to apply in any position.

More details

25-W041 Amorphous Hydrogel 15g 1 tube/box, 50 boxes/case 50
25-W042 Amorphous Hydrogel 25g 1 tube/box, 50 boxes/case 50

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